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The sounds of nature inspire me and heal me. I have been able to travel to remote parts of the world and am grateful to connect with the nature that is rapidly disappearing. (I am not a professional, but working on improving the quality of the recordings. Sorry for the camera drops and fast sweeps in a few spots). 

Enjoy the natural wonders.


Sunrise on the Omo River: Healing Nature

Healing sites and sounds. Omo River Ethiopia Sept 2018

Karo Tribe Children Singing 2018

Glow stick gifts brought joy and fun on this special evening. Enjoy the healing sounds of children at play. A spiritual experience indeed.

Healing Night Sounds: Java Indonesia

Beautiful night sounds of peace and healing On Java in Indonesia 2017. This variety of insects and frogs is becoming rare with all of the toxins in out environment. 

Raglan, New Zealand reflections

Peacefully gaze at  Half Moon Bay off of this gorgeous peninsula.

Raglan, New Zealand Surf Love

Enjoy the healing waves of Raglan, New Zealand

Easter Morning Raglan, NZ

Enjoy the beauty of the sunrise in the southern hemisphere

Tui Songbirds

The healing energies of the Tui! 

More songbirds of NZ:

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