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I spent 9.5 months traveling through New Zealand, Indonesia and Cambodia exploring the healing energies of the land, people and sacred spaces.  I had life changing experiences that have grown me as an individual and a practitioner.  I want to share the beautiful creations I brought back from Cambodia.  Each textile or piece of jewelry you purchase contributes to bettering the lives of these Cambodian artisans. Instead of giving the money to an NGO, the proceeds directly benefit the creators of these products.


  • Each piece of jewelry is hand crafted by Cambodian artisans using brass bullet and bomb casings. 

  • Each textile is hand spun, woven and designed by Cambodian artisans in their villages. 


Their country has been devastated by decades of genocide and war. Their ability to overcome after deep trauma has left an imprint on my heart forever. My life has been profoundly transformed by the beauty of the people and landscapes of Cambodia.

HANDMADE in Southeast Asia by woman's northern tribal groups. Each item uniquely created from sterling silver and plated with gold, rose gold and rhodium.

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